You want a toe? What do you do for recreation? Where's the fucking money Lebowski? These, and more are all important questions.

How big is the poster?

It's big enough to tie the room together, man. The poster, the rolled canvas, and the stretched canvas are all 36" wide by 18" tall. We also have a full-size rolled canvas that is 6' wide by 3' tall.

Why would I buy one of these?

Why wouldn't you? What are you, some kind of Nihilist? These lebowski last supper posters will make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or Hanukkah, or even for your date with Jesus on Wednesday.

What happens once I complete the purchase?

Right after you purchase, you'll get an email receipt from PayPal confirming your purchase. This will have your purcahse number and payment details. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive another email notifying you that the package is on its way.

How much does shipping cost?

Don't worry, the shipping is free - we'll handle the Nihlists down at the post office.

Will I get a tracking number?

To keep our costs low (and also yours), we don't include tracking numbers with posters. Every order does have a delivery confirmation so we can ensure it was properly delivered.